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Boat Builder Jobs

Discover the Boat Builder Job of Your Dreams

Attention problem solvers and marine carpenters, find your once-in-a-lifetime boat builder job without wading through employment listings for positions that don’t interest you. Boat builder jobs include:

  • Marine grade carpentry
  • Decking and galley design
  • Marine mechanics
  • Shipwrights
  • Sport and luxury watercraft maintenance

We only post boat builder jobs, with many you won’t find anywhere else. Do you have experience with acrylic and marine-grade laminate? Find and apply for opportunities to work on sports and luxury watercraft.

Problem-Solving Jobs in the Boating Industry

Boat builders are problem solvers, especially those who build wooden boats. Shipwrights and custom watercraft designers, you’ll find that once-in-a-lifetime job here at the number one place for boat builder jobs in Florida.

A boat builder job can mean one of several related services, including:

  • Window/hatch repair and installation
  • Laying floors and decking
  • Preparing and refinishing surfaces
  • Designing and fitting custom-made cabinets and galley furniture
  • Fiberglass construction and finishing

Find the boat builder job that fits your unique problem-solving skills. The best boat builders in Florida need the best people like you! You can filter by job and salary, and because our experts have carefully chosen these jobs, you won’t waste time figuring out where your skills fit in the industry.

Jobs in the Boating Industry

Florida’s Best Boat Builder Restoration and Repair Jobs

Boat builders are the best of the best in the industry, which includes shipwrights and designers. Those hard-to-find Florida boat builder jobs are all in one place. Search for your next boat builder job. Do you need specialty employment in the boating industry? Find boat builder fabrication jobs all in one place. Need a boat builder restoration job? Find the best role to fit your skill set. As a boat builder, you take pride in craftsmanship and problem-solving, like fitting cabinets, tables and settees into small spaces.

Want a Boat Builder Job You Can Grow With?

Discover your dream job in our boat builder job listings. Boat builder repair of windows and hatches needs specific marine carpentry knowledge. Woodworking with various types of wood, like teak for furniture, requires special marine carpentry skills. We have those Florida boat builder jobs you can’t find anywhere else.

Are you an exceptional carpenter looking for problem-solving challenges? These posts for boat builder jobs help match your skill set to your dream job. You can search by role or search by region. We also post entry-level boat builder jobs for those looking for a rewarding career as shipwrights.

Fiberglass and aluminum are popular boat builder materials that require extra skills. Find your boat builder job here at boat builder jobs. Are you a retrofit expert? Find those hard-to-find jobs that everyone wants. Search for exotic-material sourcing and end-to-end project management jobs for the marine builder.

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Find marine flooring and hull construction jobs all in one place, Florida’s premier connection for boat builder jobs. Other specialty boat builder jobs include working with marine-grade laminate and acrylic. Become part of a larger team that retrofits older boat builds with modern technology.

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